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Viva First is a Texas-based fintech company focused on delivering a new mobile banking solution designed just for Latino communities.

FinTech Mobile App

We partnered with Viva First to help design and develop a meaningful bilingual experience for a ground-up mobile banking app and activate an emerging brand with a compelling solution in a space with clear opportunities.

Project Brief

Viva First is a purpose-driven FinTech start-up with a mission to deliver accessibility, management, and affordability to a largely underserved demographic. During this collaborative effort, our role was to help architect and document complex user experiences and automations, create and manage pre-launch brand activation and lead-gen campaigns, as well as deliver a range of design-heavy components needed to successfully launch a mobile bank.

Mobile App UI/UX
Web Design
Social Media Advertising
Public Relations
Lead Generation
Marketing Automation

Viva First Mobile Bank UX

All mapped out and ready to go

Experience is everything. Working with key stakeholders, product owners, development teams, and automation specialists, we helped build an impressive user experience that incorporates complex logic, multiple platforms, personalized messaging, and finance-specific functionality.

Viva First Mobile App
Viva First Mobile App Debit Card UI

Mobile Banking App Debit Card

Rethinking the mobile banking experience

Viva First’s mobile offering was built from the ground up incorporating a modern architecture and a thoughtful user experience. In an industry cluttered with bank-in-a-box mobile apps, this custom approach afforded new opportunities to rethink how an underserved market interacts with their finances. We worked with developers to build an app that centers around usability, dual language, and hyper personalization.

Hispanic Marketing Agency Texas
Latino Banking
Latino Advertising

In a landscape where local audiences are looking beyond traditional financial institutions for a more meaningful relationship, Viva First sees an opportunity to embrace a vibrant community and deliver modern Latino-first financial services built on bleeding-edge technology.

Social-centric launch control

Initial campaigns for Viva First were staged and deliberate. As Viva First was in Beta and making moves to put production apps in the respective stores, we targeted Hispanic-heavy markets with social media campaigns to introduce the brand, communicate unique offerings, and build lists of potential customers. This pre-launch data-capture strategy allowed Viva First to market the app before its official release and capitalize on existing leads the moment the app was available.

Finance Marketing Web Design
Banking Social Media Advertising

Debit Card Design

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