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Terms of Service

Updated: September 20, 2023

Website Hosting Security & Data Privacy

Speedsquare does not host websites for clients on Speedsquare-owned servers. When developing or hosting a website for a client, Speedsquare subscribes to a website hosting service, Flywheel/WPEngine, that allows Speedsquare to utilize dedicated environments to host websites on behalf of Speedsquare clients. Additionally, this vendor, among other Speedsquare vendors, have their own Terms of Service. Speedsquare’s hosting vendor’s Terms of Service can be found here. As such, Speedsquare does not guarantee the stability, performance, or security for any website hosting technology provided by this vendor and will not be held liable for damages, outages, or malicious activity that may occur to a Speedsquare client’s website. Speedsquare does not provide stress testing or perform services to uncover vulnerabilities for any website Speedsquare may develop. These services can be made available directly through Speedsquare’s website hosting partner. Each website developed or maintained by Speedsquare for a client may include a Privacy Policy, Privacy Notice, or Terms of Service. Each client is responsible for providing or approving these policies so that they are accurate and appropriate and reflective of the Client’s website and its nature. Speedsquare is not liable for the content, lack of content, publicly-available policies, or Terms of Service that may reside on a website developed by Speedsquare on behalf of a client.

Speedsquare uses a number of online-based platforms to advertise on behalf of clients, such as the Meta Business Suite, Google Ads, LinkedIn, or similar platforms. Speedsquare will not be held liable for any slanderous commenting, outages, bugs, errors, or malicious activity that may occur on the ads or platforms themselves.

Client Data & Sensitive Information

Speedsquare may be provided customer-owned or customer-supplied data such as names and email addresses to perform certain marketing services such as email marketing or list-building for advertising audiences. This data may be uploaded to an online service to, in turn, deliver a service or product to a client or customer. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure any data supplied to Speedsquare needed to perform a service does not violate any policies, terms, laws (E.g. HIPAA), ordinances, or the CAN-SPAM Act. Speedsquare will not be held liable for marketing practices or services using data that is in violation of any policies, terms, laws (E.g. HIPAA), ordinances, or the CAN-SPAM Act. Additionally, Speedsquare uses best practices and data security measures to the best of our knowledge to protect the data supplied to Speedsquare via a Client.

Multi-factor Authentication & Security Credentials

Speedsquares utilizes and subscribes to a number of cloud-based services and SaaS solutions to provide services which fulfill marketing services which Speedsquare is contracted to perform. Speedsquare and its employees may opt-in for multi-factor authentication (MFA) where available for these services to provide additional security. Additionally, Speedsquare and its employees utilize best practices for its own credential sets needed for access to tools, platforms, and cloud-based solutions, needed to perform certain tasks or provide services on behalf of clients. Speedsquare and its employees may utilize complex passwords or online-based credential vaults such as Lastpass.

Search Engine Optimization Services, Website Hosting, and Content Management Systems

Speedsquare does not perform SEO services, make alterations to, or service websites for clients with websites hosted with Companies other than Speedsuare’s hosting partner, Flywheel. Monthly website hosting is included in Speedsquare’s SEO plans. Additionally, Speedsquare requires that client’s websites be built on the WordPress CMS in order to be hosted within Speedsquare’s website hosting environment. Additional fees may be needed to convert websites to WordPress if a client’s website is built on a Content Management System other than WordPress.

Digital Advertising

Speedsquare purchases advertising on behalf of the client via online ad platforms such as Meta Business Suite, Google Ads, LinkedIn, etc. These platforms are reviewed at the end of each month to determine an actual spend amount and invoiced to the client including any management fees for managing the campaign, ads, or account. If payment is not received within the standard 30-day term noted on invoicing, Speedsquare may suspend any advertising until outstanding balances have been paid in full. If any client’s account is deemed delinquent and suffers suspended advertising, but pays in full any outstanding balances, Speedsquare will address advertising reactivation on a case-by-case basis but does NOT guarantee that advertising will resume.

Advertising Accounts

Speedsquare’s advertising accounts with any online/digital advertising platform are proprietary to Speedsquare and are not transferable to any client upon termination of advertising services. This may include, but is not limited to, Google Ads accounts, Facebook (Meta) advertising accounts, or other advertiser-specific platforms for digital media advertising.

Goods & Services

Each digital advertising platform has its own policies on the types of advertising and content allowed in advertisements placed. Speedsquare does not control these policies. If any client’s advertising violates advertising policies due to the nature of a client’s product or service, it may result in the suspension of advertising in which the client is responsible for remedying.

Social Media Accounts

Speedsquare does not create social media accounts on behalf of the client. However, Speedsquare may assist clients with certain social media profile updates and changes via an “Agency Request” which must be granted by the client to perform any updates on behalf of the client. Additionally, Speedsquare does not work directly with social media platforms to remedy any issues regarding account suspension, lost passwords, or other circumstances where the social media account owner is responsible.

Website Hosting

If a client falls in bad standing from late or no payment for website hosting, Speedsquare may discontinue hosting at any time which may result in loss of services depending on the functionality of a client’s website. Speedsquare is not liable for any loss of revenue that may be dependent on an active website.

WordPress Training & User Profiles

Speedsquare does not include training as a part of website development projects. Additionally, if a client requests user access to the WordPress Admin Dashboard, Speedsquare does not include any tutorials or materials on operating WordPress, its features, functions, or theme alteration.

WordPress (Website) Plugins

Speedsquare may choose to use plugins on its websites developed for clients to achieve certain website functionality. These plugins may be developed by a third party and Speedsquare does not guarantee the functionality or stability of these. Speedsquare’s hosting provider monitors plugin vulnerabilities as well as blacklisted plugins. If a client self installs a plugin that is flagged for vulnerabilities or causes harm to a website, Speedsquare will invoice the client for any work needed to repair issues at the standard Web Development hourly rate.

Post-launch Website Modifications

Before going live with any website, each client is given an opportunity to review the website in full. This approval process allows each client to identify and communicate any corrections needed before going live. Upon going live, Speedsquare provides a grace period of 7 days to make additional requests. Once this period has passed, Speedsquare may perform the work which may be billed at the standard Web Development hourly rate. Any post-launch changes must be within the original Scope of Work.

Payments, Terms, and Invoicing

Speedsquare’s terms for payment are NET 30 days. If payment is not rendered within the 30-day window from the issue date of an invoice, Speedsquare may cease any and all services. Speedsquare may choose not to reactivate services until any outstanding balance is paid. Speedsquare does not guarantee that any monthly services will be reactivated upon receiving payment for outstanding balances in which case Speedsquare will notify the client of any interruptions, possible issues, or permanently discontinued services.


Monthly services may be terminated by either party for reasons stated in these Terms of Service or in written form with 30-days’ notice. Directory listings may be canceled with 30-days’ notice after 90 days from the start of the subscription.

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