Texas Tech University’s Rawls College of Business offers a flexible, affordable Master of Science in Data Science program that delivers incredible value. We partnered together to create program visibility and generate quality leads of interested students.

Data is the new economic currency.
And, we used the best of digital marketing to position a university’s authority in big data to attract students.

With big data playing such a vital role in today’s businesses, working professionals and students are looking for flexible options to take advantage of learning opportunities in data analytics as a primary discipline or a supplemental skill. So we architected state-wide campaigns to generate leads for the Rawls College of Business for upcoming semesters.

We have an impressive Master of Science in Data Science program. We wanted to work with a team that would immerse themselves in our vision and provide the corresponding marketing needs to help us achieve brand awareness and attract quality leads. We weren’t disappointed; Speedsquare delivered stellar, modern visuals and in-depth analytics to optimize ad performance.

—Anna Delano, Director of Recruitment and Admissions

Social Media Advertising for Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas

The social media campaigns used a number of ads and A/B testing to maximize interaction with audiences.


Our solution utilized a number of must-have components that needed to be in place to deliver a well-performing, end-to-end digital lead generation campaign.

Landing Page
Paid Social Media Advertising
Call Tracking
Lead Generation


Conversion rate


Through interest- and behavior-based targeting we were able to deliver an above-industry average conversion rate and ideal CPA while minimizing any campaign waste.

Experience built for success

There’s an art to designing the experience of the target destination for a digital campaign. We used an industry-leading landing page service, careful copy placement and calls-to-action, and vanity URL (rawls.education) to serve as the campaign’s foundation for lead generation, campaign goals and call tracking.

Texas Tech University Landing Page Design

Rawls College of Business Visual Example 1
Rawls College of Business Visual Example 2
Rawls College of Business Visual Example 3

Program communication and visuals

We complimented the lead generation experience with supplemental program materials that were available to the user via download. We carried the thoughtful, comprehensive design into a program deep-dive PDF accessible to users who completed the one of the important lead generation goals.

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