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Ribbonwire Ranch is a sustainably-minded, certified organic cattle and farming operation located in Dalhart, Texas offering premium, traceable, grain-finished beef direct to the consumer.

Better beef from pasture to doorstep.

Texas Ranch Brand Design

Ribbonwire Ranch is a family-owned and -operated ranch situated on the northern part of the legendary XIT Ranch, a former cattle ranch in the Texas Panhandle dating back to 1885. Today, it continues to adhere to the same principles as they did 140 years ago with an added responsibility to preserve the natural resources found here while raising cleaner, purer, certified organic beef.

Texas Ranch Landscape Photography
Food and Beverage Branding
XIT Cattle Ranch
Beef Food Package Design
Ribbonwire Ranch Package Design

Ribbonwire Ranch Logos

Identity, brand, and packaging

Ribbonwire is a type of barbed wire that is unique to the XIT Ranch and cannot be found anywhere else. The name acknowledges the deep history of the land where Ribbonwire operates and a clear vision of the future of ranching and farming. We helped form a new identity that recognizes the deep roots but stands alone in a unique way. From basic marks and brands to the packaging of their organic beef products, every element was executed holistically from the ground up.

Ranch Design Branding

Organic Texas Farming
Modern Sustainable Texas Ranch
A story of history, legacy, and sustainability

With such a rich history and compelling story, we partnered with regional photographer, Jerod Foster, to produce a portfolio of images that would capture the personality, intentions, and landscape of this responsible and majestic operation.

Ribbonwire Ranch Brand Design

E-commerce capability to conquer modern purchasing behavior

You won’t find Ribbonwire Ranch beef in your local store. Like so many other brands, Ribbonwire needed a website that would complement a modern business model and allow them to sell direct to consumers looking for an easy one-time or subscription-based ordering experience. We developed an experience that would improve online visibility, tell their story, and give them a modern e-commerce solution that would scale as they rode their growth curve after going to market. Some features or traits include:

  • Online ordering
  • Inventory management
  • Fit for remarketing
  • Mobile-first design
  • Conversion tracking
Ribbonwire Website Design
Ribbonwire Ranch Texas Monthly Ad
Ribbonwire Ranch Texas Monthly Ad

Advertising that leverages the audience of the "National Magazine of Texas"

When you examine the demographic, household income, and unwavering pride for all things Texas, supplementing a heavy digital strategy with a limited print component makes for a compelling argument. We organized a 3-issue campaign to help activate an emerging brand and product in a state where beef is king.

As seen in

Texas Monthly Magazine

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