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Building on the legacy of a Lubbock-based artist, we helped local chef, Cameron West, and Mike Nghiem create an identity for a local restaurant concept that would pay tribute to his grandfather, Dirk West, while supporting his vision for a new spin on this classic fare.

Dirks Identity Mark In-Progress Visual

The hand-drawn typography of the new wordmark is a digitized version of the visual average of countless signatures to create a modern mark that still retains Mr. West’s expressive strokes.

Brand visuals with a legacy

There is no shortage in Lubbock, Texas for examples of Dirk’s West’s artwork. The solution to borrowing from the recognizable script from Dirk’s West’s signature was simple: Pour over countless examples taking note of the intricacies of each one paying close attention to the letterforms as we set out to recreate what you could call the quintessential Dirk West signature—sans the last name.

Dirk West Artist Signature

Dirk's Logo Design

Working Visuals

We created a cohesive set of variations that could be used in conjunction with each other depending on the application, be it on-screen or one of the many in-restaurant opportunities.

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